Welded Steel Fire Pit Grates

YourFireShop has great pricing on solid, long lasting welded steel fire pit grates. Master Flame Round and Square Fire Pit Grates are available in a number of common sizes.

Optional Char Guard Ember Catch

Char Guard improves complete burn consistency, simplifies ash clean-up and allows you the choice of using charcoal. Char Guard is a heavy duty steel mesh fitted and welded to the underside of the grate.


Fire pit grates allow the optimal air flow for an efficient fire burn.

If we do not carry the size or shape of the fire pit grate you require, please contact us and give us your requirements for a custom fire pit grate and we will get back to you with a made-to-order quote.

Grates made of welded 5/8″ steel bar stock and electrostaticly finished with high heat, weather-resistant black paint. Also available in welded stainless steel. Round fire pit grates should be at least 6″ in diameter smaller than the inner diameter of the fire pit / fire pit ring. Square fire grates should have at least 3″ clearance on all 4 sides.